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Automobile Repair Reform Council

"If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem"

The collision repair industry in Ontario is an unregulated industry that has negative and detrimental effects on consumers.


The Automobile Repair Reform Council (ARRC) provides oversight via a registration and licensing system for collision repair businesses that invoice insurance companies for the benefit of Ontario consumers and encourage best practices within the industry.

Automobile Repair Reform Council

The Automobile Repair Reform Council (ARRC) is a body established to implement Collision Repair Standards in the Province of Ontario.

Our mandate is to establish and enforce province-wide standards and licensing for both collision repairers and automobile damage appraisers in order to provide equal opportunity for all qualified shops and to protect the interest of the consumer.

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Mission Statement

  1. To deter fraudulent or unfair automotive repair practices and to assist victims of such practices.

  2. To equip Ontarians to make sound decisions about the inspection and repair of their vehicles.

  3. ARRC will be easily accessible to all Ontarians and will set the standard for innovation and quality of service.

  4. ARRC will be recognized as a world leader in consumer protection by providing a consistent and unbiased enforcement presence.

Employment Opportunities

ARRC will develop apprenticeship programs and assist in providing a career path

Financial Benefits

ARRC’S goal is for every dollar invested in registration that ARRC provides a high return on investment to body shops in form of programs that either provide savings or enhance revenue opportunities

Reduce / Remove Fraud

The regulated activities of collision repairers and tow operators will directly result in increased consumer confidence and a positive influence on automobile insurance rate stability.

Statement Of Goals

  1. To establish and enforce Province-wide standards and licensing for both collision repairers and automobile damage appraisers, in order to provide equal opportunity for all qualified shops and to protect the interests of consumers.

  2. To represent the industry by working directly with government, suppliers and industry partners.

  3. To provide and develop management skills and technical training.

  4. To provide an effective dispute resolution process to serve the public and the membership.

  5. To achieve high levels of customer satisfaction that enhances the image of the industry to all members of the public.

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